I recently encountered a case where the database that I was using returned some data in the form of an object of objects and I wanted to convert it to an array of objects. Here’s how I went about it:

Suppose we have the following object of objects:

const usersObj = {
    0: {
        id: 1000,
        firstname: "Ahmad",
        lastname: "Bilal"
    1: {
        id: 1515,
        firstname: "Adeela",
        lastname: "Ayman"
    2: {
        id: 2550,
        firstname: "Adel",
        lastname: "Ameen"

In order to convert it to an array of objects, we will use map:

const users = Object.keys(usersObj).map(key => usersObj[key]);


*  firstname: "Ahmad",
*  id: 1000,
*  lastname: "Bilal"
*}, {
*  firstname: "Adeela",
*  id: 1515,
*  lastname: "Ayman"
*}, {
*  firstname: "Adel",
*  id: 2550,
*  lastname: "Ameen"

We use Object.keys() in order to select keys of each object (0,1,2) and chain map onto it and pass the keys into the map through the parameter key. We then take the usersObj object and use the key param as the index in order to extract the object as map iterates through the object.