Enums are basically a data type that is made up of constants. In order to use enums in Python, we import enum from the standard library:

from enum import Enum

Enums then can be declared in the following manner:

class State(Enum):
    DANGER = 'RED'

Enums can then be accessed like so:


The above print statement will return State.SUCCESS and not GREEN. We can reach the same state using the following statement:

print(State('GREEN')) # State.SUCCESS

In order to get the value of an enum we do the following:

print(State.SUCCESS.value) # GREEN

All the values of an enum can be listed in the following manner:

list(State) # [<State.SUCCESS: 'GREEN'>, <State.WARNING: 'YELLOW'>, <State.DANGER: 'RED'>]

We can even get the length of an enum:

len(State) # 3