Recently, I ran into a problem where I had to search for certain values contained within an array of objects. If anyone of these excluded values is found, I was then supposed to carry out some action. Here is how to go about it:

Here is our sample data where we want to check if a certain user role/roles exist in order to carry out an action based on if this role exists or not:

const data = {
    users: [
               id: 1,
               name: "John Smith",
               role: 'QA'
               id: 2,
               name: "Sally Roberts",
               role: 'Engineer'
               id: 3,
               name: "Peter Johnson",
               role: "Product Manager"
               id: 4,
               name: "Jason Sen",
               role: "Project Manager"
               id: 5,
               name: "Benjamin Askin",
               role: "System Administrator"
               id: 6,
               name: "Patricia Thompson",
               role: "IT Manager",

We then create an array with the roles that we want to look for:

//Strings are case sensitive.  They must be an exact match
const rolesToLookFor = ["Project Manager", "System Administrator", "IT Manager"];

We then create a new array with all the roles contained in the data set:

const allRoles = => x.role);

We then use the JavaScript functions some and includes in order to check whether these roles that are in the data set exist or not. some takes a callback function and checks whether at minimum there is a single element in an array that matches what we are looking for, while includes checks every element in an array to see if there is a match. We will use the rolesToLookFor array that we created along with the allRoles array:

const result = rolesToLookFor.some((role) => {
    return allRoles.includes(role);

The result that we will receive will be a boolean. Either true if a role is found or false if it is not.