We can use the Omit utility type in TypeScript when we want to exclude certain keys from an object. The structure of Omit takes a type and the key/keys to exclude: Omit<Type, Keys>.


Suppose we have an interface for an Employee and we want to create a new object that will exclude sensitive information such as age and ssn:

interface Employee {
    firstName: string,
    lastName: string,
    age: number,
    ssn: string,
    department: string,
    postition: string

We create a type and use Omit to exclude the property/properties that we do not want:

type EmployeeFiltered = Omit<Employee, "age" | "ssn">

Now, when we create a new object, we simply assign it the type that we created above and keep the other properties from the interface Employee:

const employee: EmployeeFiltered = {
    firstName: 'Tom',
    lastName: 'Smith',
    department: 'Engineering',
    position: 'Technical Lead'